Mini MasterClasses for Members

Discover the power of our mini master classes tailored exclusively for Schmooze members who want to:

  • Land a promotion or new job
  • Make a career pivot
  • Stay visible even though they're working from home

Our mini master classes are short & sweet with actionable advice. The courses:

  • Are virtual on Zoom
  • Offer 20-30 minutes of specific, actionable advice from experts
  • Provide time for Q & A
  • Are recorded so members can review them later.

Here are some examples of mini master class topics:

  • Targeting the Network You Need for the Role You Want
  • Leveraging Weak Connections
  • Ways You Can Reciprocate
  • How to Turn LinkedIn Contacts into Real Life Relationships
  • Building Relationships Inside Your Company
  • How to Connect With Men

  • Thursday, June 6 at 6pm ET, Virtual

    A LinkedIn study found that your most productive contacts aren't your closest contacts but your "weak ties". How do you identify and leverage them?

    Instructor: Cate Goethals

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  • Wednesday, June 19 at 6pm ET, Virtual

    You need relationships outside of AND inside of your company. How do you develop your internal network?

    Instructor: Keri-Lynne Shaw

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  • Tuesday, June 25 at 3pm ET, Virtual

    So you've worked up the nerve to ask a senior exec or an industry contact for coffee in the hope of building a business relationship. Of course you want to tell them something about yourself. But women often hesitate to promote themselves. How do you let people know you're a rock star without being obnoxious?

    Instructor: Andrea Wojnicki

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  • Wednesday, June 26 at 6pm ET, Virtual

    You're trying to create the network you need to land the role you want. You're reaching out to people on LinkedIn. How do you draft a LI message that will persuade someone to respond?

    Instructor: Rebecca Bellamy de Robles

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  • Tuesday, July 16 6PM ET Virtual

    Why are there so few women on corporate boards? The reason is that 80% of corporate board roles are filled through personal relationships. One woman who is working hard to change things puts it this way: "Men on boards look at each other & ask 'who do we know?'" Shelly will explain the ins & outs of corporate boards & advice on what kinds of relationships can help you land a board seat.

    Instructor: Shelly Lombard

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  • Thursday, July 18 6pm ET Virtual

    Almost everyone who's reached the C-suite or been successful at work had a sponsor or mentor. They developed a relationship with a senior person who spoke up for them when they weren't in the room. How do you develop the type of relationships that could change the trajectory of your career?

    Instructor: Ayesha Whyte

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  • Wednesday, July 24 at 6pm ET Virtual reached out to someone on LinkedIn. Now they're a connection. They're in your network. Simple reciprocity can help convert that connection into an IRL relationship.

    Instructor: Kelly Lynn Adams

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  • Thursday, August 8 at 6pm ET Virtual

    Is your network a hodgepodge of old classmates & people you worked with 10 years ago? A strong network of business relationships can close the gap between where you are in your career & where you want to be. So, how do you create that network?

    Instructor: Monique Carkum Edwards

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  • Wednesday, August 21 at 6pm ET Virtual

    LinkedIn is a great networking tool. But the way it works is that potential contacts see your profile before they meet you. Danielle Hughes will show you how to make your LI profile a winner that reflects your personality and convinces them to connect with you. Participants can send their profiles in ahead of time & Danielle will edit them during class.

    Instructor: Danielle Zeitlen Hughes

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